Government Contracting Tips – Do I Have to Register Multiple Locations in CCR?

CCR Registration Multiple LocationsWhile many small businesses will only need to register in CCR once, there are a handful of circumstances in which a vendor must obtain multiple CAGE codes for their business.

The most obvious instance is when a company has several physical locations.  A business must obtain a DUNS number for each of their distinct physical locations, such as branches, divisions, and headquarters.

Other instances in which a vendor may need to register multiple DUNS numbers (and therefore, multiple CCR registrations) to the same physical location if they are separate legal entities (such as Inc, Corp, LLC, etc) or if they have the same legal business name but operate under different DBAs and/or perform a different line of business that is specific to the nature of operations.  An example may be a warehouse or branch located on the same premises as the company’s headquarters.

There are some added advantages to having multiple CCR registrations.  Having multiple registrations can allow a business to have different Points of Contact for each location or division, use different bank accounts for each registration, or take advantage of location specific perks such as HUBZone status.

One of the only disadvantages of having multiple registrations is keeping track of them all.  It is best to have a single point of contact registered with Dun and Bradstreet and, if possible, have a single individual listed as a POC on each CCR registration.  If your business needs help keeping track of all your DUNS numbers, a family-tree report can be requested from Dun and Bradstreet.  It is recommended that businesses limit the number of DUNS numbers registered to only those that are needed in order to prevent confusion.


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