Government Contracting Tips: Importance of Reviewing Your CCR Registration

A year has come and gone since you last updated the CCR registration for your business; do you know what to do next to ensure you are still eligible to bid on government contracts?  Many businesses overlook the fact that it is necessary to not only renew their CCR registration, but also to update information throughout the year and to review it at the time of renewal.  As a business grows and changes, many things may happen throughout a year that can affect the status of its CCR registration.  It is important to keep your company’s registration up to date at all times if you want to continue bidding on government contracts.

Each business is responsible for updating their own registration information as it changes throughout the year.  This could be anything from the legal name of the business to the physical address of the company.   It is also important to note that if the point of contact (POC) has changed or has left the company, they need to be removed from the registration and the new CCR POC must be added.  In the event that the POC has left the company, you must ensure that the successor has reference materials they need to continue the CCR update process.  For example, the new CCR POC should have access to the names, contact information and access privileges involved with the CCR registration process and everything that is necessary to keep the CCR record up to date.

There are several steps to changing any of your company’s CCR registration information or to submit a renewal.  Changes can be made to your registration by going to CCR’s home page,, and clicking on “Update or Renew Registration”.

CCR Registration must be renewed every 12 months from the date you previously registered, however it is strongly recommended that you review more frequently to ensure that CCR is up to date and correctly corresponds with changes that may have been made to DUNS and IRS information.   If your CCR Registration is not renewed after the 12 month period, it will expire and you will no longer be eligible to bid on government contracts or be awarded government grants.  Another downfall to an expired CCR is that all payments, if payments are being made, will cease.  Businesses must remain active in CCR until all payments are made to avoid discontinuation.

Before renewing your registration, ensure that any updates or changes to the company are updated.  Also, note if there are any new requirements for applicants that have been enacted since the last time of renewal.  Failure to comply with these requirements or failure to update the information for your CCR registration could lead to missed opportunities of being awarded government contracts, grants or can even lead to legal consequences in certain cases.

Do you have questions about CCR registration, ORCA filing or government contracting in general?  Are you wondering if there are any new regulations before you renew?  Call the Contractor Helpline at 877-252-2700 ext. 1 or fill our the form below if you are in need of assistance.


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