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How to Register on FedBidMany government agencies are beginning to utilize FedBid, a reverse auction website which speeds up the contractor selection process and reduces the cost of awarding federal contracts.  In order to place bids through their service, government contractors must complete a two part registration process.

To access registration, navigate to and click the “Seller Sign In” button.  Click the “Continue” button on the next page in the section titled “Create an Account”.  You can first browse through the registered companies to make sure your business is not already registered.  If you are not currently registered, click the “FedBid Seller Registration Form” link, which will take you to the initial registration form.

The form will ask for basic information about your company, including the name, location, POC information, DUNS number, Tax ID and federal classifications.  While CCR registration is not required to register on FedBid it is strongly recommended that you complete your CCR registration first, since you will not be eligible for contract awards until this registration is completed.  Also, keep in mind that the federal classification designations you select will determine which solicitations you will be able to view on the FedBid website.  For instance, if you do not select the “Small Business” classification you will not be able to view any solicitations that are restricted to that category of vendors.

After you submit the initial registration form for your company, FedBid will review your information and check it against CCR and the Excluded Parties List.  Once it’s verified, you’ll be notified by FedBid and will be able to continue to the second part of the registration:  registering individual sales agents.

Click the “Seller Sign In” button on the home page and click “Continue” in the “Create an Account” section.  Look up your company’s name and click the “Continue” button again.  You’ll need to submit basic information for your sales agent, such as their name, email address, etc.  Once you submit the form, it will again be reviewed to check for accuracy.

Once reviewed, you’ll receive an email inviting you to authenticate your email and set up a password and security question to complete your registration.

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