FEMA is Watching Hurricane Rina

Hurricane RinaFEMA is closely monitoring Hurricane Rina, which recently developed in the western Caribbean.  The tropical system is expected to make a turn towards the northwest in the upcoming days.  While it is still too early to say whether this strengthening storm system will affect the United States, residents along the Gulf Coast should prepare for possible landfall.  This includes preparations for contractors who may be able to assist FEMA in disaster response actions.

To keep your home and family safe in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane, FEMA recommends developing an emergency kit including supplies such as a flashlight, hand-crank radio and a solar powered cell phone charger, as well as a plan for where your family will go and how they will communicate in case they are separated during a disaster.

Business owners should complete their CCR registration, ORCA Filing and FEMA Vendor Profile.  Businesses in all industries all along the Gulf Coast can take part in the event of a hurricane so it is important for all businesses to get ready ahead of time in order to support disaster relief efforts.


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