FEMA on Alert as Tropical Disturbance Develops in Gulf

FEMA ContractsA large area of low pressure over the Gulf of Mexico has caught the attention of both weather forecasters and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  At this time, there is a 30% chance of the low pressure area developing into a tropical storm system during the next 48 hours.  Even if the system does not develop into an organized tropical system, experts still expect the low pressure system to blast the eastern Gulf Coast with heavy rains and high winds.  Flood watches have already been posted for much of South Florida and the storm system has already produced heavy rainfall throughout Central America.

Everyone in the storm’s path is advised to take the necessary precautions to keep their family and property safe as the system approaches.  Contractors are also urged to prepare to assist FEMA disaster relief efforts following the storm.  This includes completing CCR registration, ORCA filing and submitting a FEMA Vendor Profile.

For more information about FEMA contractor requirements, contact our Contractor Helpline:

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