Free CCR Registration Evaluation and Error-Checking

8(a) CertificationEveryone knows the Federal Government is a stickler for the rules.  Whenever filling out government forms or registrations, it’s vital to “Cross your ‘i’s and dot your ‘t’s”.  Completing the required registration to work government contracts is no different.  With thousands or even millions of dollars being awarded for federal contracts, it would be devastating if your business missed out on a job simply because your paperwork wasn’t filled out correctly.  Yet, this exact scenario happens every day.  It’s estimated that as many as 20% of the companies registered in the Central Contractor Registration did not complete their CCR registration or filled it out incorrectly.

To help avoid such situations, businesses can now request a free Government Registration Evaluation from US Federal Contractor Registration.  A Placement Specialist will review your registration and check for errors or missing data in your record.

Businesses spend an average of 20 months and $100,000 to win their first contract.  If your government registration is incomplete or contains errors, all that time and money may be wasted.



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