Steve Jobs’ Innovations Benefited Government Agencies as Well as Private Sector

Steve Jobs AppleThe late Apple founder’s legacy has changed not only how private sector consumers interact with technology and media, but our very government as well.  In just the last month, over 25 federal government contracts were signed with various government agencies for everything ranging from IPads to Macbooks to OSX Maintenance.  Even a purchase for ITunes cards was made by the Small Business Administration during September.  With over $25 million in contracts awarded throughout 2011, it’s apparent that the US Government has had little hesitation in adopting Apple’s products and services.

The IPad and IPhone in particular have taken the government by storm with many agencies purchasing the popular devices for their staff to replace outdated equipment such as the once ubiquitous Blackberry.  On May 30th, the Washington Post reported that agencies such as the State Department, Army, Department of Veterans Affairs, NASA and the GSA have all adopted Apple products, making unprecedented changes in how their offices interact with technology.

In some cases the adoption of Apple products has simply been the demands of employees for better technology and less dependence on the traditional, physical office.  From the Washington Post article:

A recent Forrester Research study showed 35 percent of workers in the United States either buy their own smartphone for work, use unsanctioned Web sites or download unapproved applications on a work computer. Why? Twenty four percent of do-it-yourselfers say the technology is better than what their job provides. Thirty-six percent say they need it, and their employer won’t provide an alternative. And nearly 40 percent say they use it at home and, well, they want it at work, too. even has a special “Apple Store for Government” with discounted prices for Federal, State and Local Government buyers and links to approved corporate resellers.

While Steve Jobs will be dearly missed, his contributions to computers and technology have irreversibly changed the way we all live, work and play – both in the private and public sector.

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