Looking for FEMA Contracts? Try Showing up at a Disaster Site!

FEMA Disaster Relief ContractsWhile there is some debate about the best way to win government contracts in general, when it comes to disaster relief contracts awarded by FEMA the best strategy may be to just show up ready to work.  According to an Air Force contracting officer we spoke to a vendor’s best bet for disaster relief contracts is to show up on site after a disaster hits.  Procurement officers will issue contracts on the spot to qualified and registered vendors ready to start work.  Since time is of the essence after a hurricane, earthquake or other emergency buyers are under more pressure to award contracts immediately rather than go through a formal bidding process.

There may also be a wealth of subcontracting opportunities available in a disaster stricken area if no prime contracts are available.  Interested contractors can usually find these opportunities advertised in the local newspaper but again, just showing up and asking around can be even more effective if it saves the prime contractor time and money.

There is a preference for local businesses, so being licensed to work in the state where the disaster has occurred will be an important factor.  As with other government contracts vendors will need to complete their CCR registration and ORCA filing prior to the contract being awarded.

Ready to get to work?

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