Accessing User Manuals to Complete ORCA Filing

ORCA RegistrationIn order to bid on Federal contracts, vendors are required to complete their ORCA filing after they finish their CCR registration.  The Online Representations and Certification Application replaces the representations and certifications vendors were required to complete for each individual large purchase contract with a single, annual filing online.  This eases the burden on contractors and increases efficiency and streamlining for the Federal Government.

In order to accurately complete the ORCA, contractors should refer to online reference materials to ensure their filing is complete and compliant with government regulations.  There are two types of manuals contractors need to refer to:  Technical and Regulatory.

For technical guidance on using the system correctly, vendors may refer to the FAQ on the ORCA website.  The FAQ includes some background information on what the ORCA is and what it does, as well as some guidance on how to use the website.  For more detailed technical assistance, vendors should read the ORCA Quick Reference Guide.

For regulatory background information, vendors are referred to the Federal Acquisition Regulations, or FARs.  These contain the various laws and regulations vendors are agreeing to when they complete their ORCA and guide users on how to answer each of the questions.  In PDF format, the FAR is nearly 2000 pages long.  Although it is a lengthy read, the FAR contains all the laws, regulations and procedures contractors and procurement officers are expected to follow during the acquisition process.


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