Is Your Business Registered for FEMA Contracts?

Although Hurricane Irene is long gone and Hurricane Katia is fizzling out in the Atlantic, FEMA still needs experienced and registered contractors in order to conduct nationwide disaster relief efforts.  Recovery efforts along the east coast are still in full swing as contractors attempt to rebuild billions of dollars of damaged property and roadways.  FEMA is now also assisting victims of the central Texas wildfires that have spread over thousands of acres and forced mass evacuations.  In order to meet the relief and recovery demands of these and future disasters, FEMA needs properly registered contractors across the nation.  In order to be eligible for the Texas Wildfire FEMA contracts and Hurricane Irene FEMA contracts, businesses must obtain a DUNS number, complete CCR registration, ORCA filing and submit a FEMA Vendor Profile.

Hurricane season is far from over and other disasters – such as earthquakes, tornadoes and wild fires – may strike at any time.  It is vital that capable businesses get registered now in order to quickly meet the disaster relief needs of the US Federal Government.

US Federal Contractor Registration case managers help their clients complete the FEMA Vendor Profile and the Disaster Response Registry as a standard part of their CCR and ORCA registration.

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