Contractors Still Needed for Hurricane Irene Disaster Response

Hurricane Irene FEMA ContractsThe Eastern seaboard is still recovering from the destruction left by Hurricane Irene.  Although the storm did weaken significantly and caused far less damage than initially anticipated, 3.3 million have lost power and the storm’s destruction is estimated at nearly $10 Billion.  FEMA has been working with federal, state, local and tribal governments, as well as private sector groups, to respond to the storm.  Contractors are urged to join in the relief efforts to help provide emergency supplies to families and help rebuild affected structures and roadways.

To be considered eligible for FEMA contracts, interested vendors should have a DUNS number and have completed their CCR registration and ORCA.  To avoid delays, they should also submit a FEMA Vendor Profile prior to bidding on contracts.

FEMA is not the only government organization providing aid to regions affected by Hurricane Irene.  Many other agencies and departments, such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Energy, are expected to take part.

Much of the East Coast has been affected to some degree by Hurricane Irene.  Vermont is facing the worst flooding experienced since 1927.  Flooding and wind damage has spread throughout fourteen states along the Eastern Seaboard, leaving millions still without power.  At least 38 deaths reported throughout eleven states have been attributed to Hurricane Irene.  After storm surge damaged Highway 12, nearly 2,500 residents of North Carolina’s Hatteras Island were stranded.

It is imperative that all businesses interested in aiding the disaster response efforts act quickly to complete the required registration.  Contractors across all industries, not just construction, debris removal and emergency goods suppliers, are needed to fulfill the needs of those states impacted by this devastating storm system.

In order to take advantage of Hurricane Irene FEMA contracts before it’s too late, contractors should enlist the help of a third party registration firm to assist them with their CCR registration, ORCA and FEMA Vendor Profile.  Third party registration firms can also help with posting a Dynamic Small Business Search Profile and capabilities statement, both of which help inform procurement specialists of the vendor’s experience and capabilities.

US Federal Contractor Registration case managers help their clients complete the FEMA Vendor Profile and the Disaster Response Registry as a standard part of their CCR and ORCA registration.

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