How to Complete FEMA and Disaster Relief Vendor Profile


To work with FEMA, contractors must have a complete and valid System for Award Management (SAM) Registration including the optional Disaster Response Registry portion. FEMA can use this information to identify contractors who can provide required services, such as debris removal, reconstruction, supplies distribution, and other emergency/disaster relief services. We also recommend that contractors who provide debris removal services should register with FEMA’s Debris Removal Contractor Registry, which assists state and local governments in identifying and contacting such vendors.

The registration process is easy:

Simply create an account and submit information about your company. FEMA will post solicitations and information about opportunities online (which contractors who work with US Federal Contractor Registration can view via their Advanced Federal Procurement Data Search or at the federal government’s Keep in mind that FEMA often doesn’t have a lot of lead time prior to releasing a solicitation, and often can’t give contractors much time in which to respond.

To best position your business to work on and receive FEMA contractors, talk to US Federal Contractor Registration today. It can complete your SAM Registration and any supplemental registrations on your behalf. Call US Federal Contractor Registration today at 877-252-2700, ext. 1.

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