CCR Registration – Information Opt-Out

CCR registration Opt OutDuring CCR registration, you are presented with the option to opt-out from publicly displaying your CCR record.  With such a strong emphasis on privacy in our modern society, opting out may be your knee jerk reaction but it’s important to consider the pros and cons of this decision.  Let’s consider these pros and cons now.

If you do not opt-out you may receive unsolicited calls, letters or emails from various firms trying to sell you their services.  These include everything from bidding assistance to lists of contracting officers and assistance applying for a GSA schedule contract.  These solicitations may be from legitimate, reputable companies or they could be from fraudsters looking to sell you government contracting snake oil.  If you choose not to opt-out, you would need to evaluate each of these firms and research their reputation before deciding whether or not to use their services.  These solicitations should be subject to various anti-spam and telemarketing regulations, so a simple request to unsubscribe should be sufficient to stop an individual company from contacting you.  It can seem overwhelming if dozens of companies are calling trying to sell you their service and you may believe opting out from publically displaying your information is the wiser option.  Let’s discuss what you’d be missing out on if you did.

Central Contractor Registration reports that vendors who opt-out may receive fewer federal government business opportunities.  Subcontractors who opt-out will not be visible to prime contractors.  Also, if you opt-out, your Dynamic Small Business Search listing will not be visible as well.  Some programs such as HUBZone and 8a require that the firm does NOT opt-out from publically displaying their information if they receive or are applying for the certification.

Any solicitations you receive from companies looking to sell you their services can be brushed off rather easily and will only cost you a minute or two of your time.  Compare that to potentially thousands of dollars of lost revenue because an agency or prime contractor couldn’t find your company’s listing.  When you consider that the most sensitive information made public is your company’s contact information, it makes more sense not to opt-out.

US Federal Contractor Registration is the official third-party registration firm.  We offer businesses the option to work with a case manager to complete and maintain their CCR registration and ORCA filing for one year, and then market their business to the federal government.  Contact us today at #877-252-2700 to start your registration and receive our “Verified Vendor” seal.

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