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CCR RegistrationCCR registration is required for any business interested in doing business with the Federal government, whether it’s government contracts, grants or other types of payments and financial assistance.  Central Contractor Registration’s primary purpose is to collect, validate, store and disseminate information necessary for acquisition and award actions by the Federal government.  CCR is used by the Federal government to easily and quickly find vendors, verify eligibility, research capabilities and disburse payments.

However, according to the Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center, as many as 20% of the firms registered in CCR have mistakes in their record, including omitted data, misspelled words, incomplete registrations and incorrect data.  Being registered with errors or an incomplete record can be even worse than not having registered in the first place.

There are many reasons why there are so many error filled CCR records.  Many firms do not register ahead of time; they are completing the registration because a contract or payment is on the line and a deadline to “get it done” is approaching fast.  So there is a lot of pressure to finish CCR registration as fast as possible with little, if any preparation.  Next, the Federal Acquisition Regulations that govern CCR registration are largely unknown to the average business owner.  The jargon and writing style of these regulations can be confusing and difficult for a layman to understand.  Plus, at over 2000 pages long in PDF format, the FAR makes for an intimidating read that most people will avoid.  So many vendors start their CCR registration without even fully understanding the laws and regulations they’re bound by.  Another factor is the need for identical information across three separate systems:  Dun and Bradstreet, CCR and the IRS must all match in order to avoid delays and complete CCR registration.  Verifying and correcting data between these three systems and navigating all the red tape can be trying and time consuming.  Finally, there is simple human carelessness.  Some individuals are sticklers for accuracy and proper spelling, capitalization and punctuation; most simply are not.

These factors combined can all lead to an incorrect, inaccurate and sloppy CCR registration.  The worst part is that most firms won’t even know that there are problems with their registration – until it’s too late and they’re missing out on contracts or not receiving expected payments.  Depending on the mistakes, there can be even worse consequences for companies whose CCR registration is incorrect.  Penalties, fines and even criminal charges can be levied against the firm or individual, depending upon the severity of the errors.  Again, since most registrants don’t properly research the laws and regulations governing CCR registration, they won’t know about these consequences until they’re experiencing them firsthand.

Luckily, there are options for business owners who want to be certain their CCR registration is correct without needing to dedicate a large chunk of their time to researching and verifying their information themselves.  Third party registration firms are available to assist with the entire process, from obtaining a DUNS number to completing CCR registration and ORCA filing.  An experienced case manager is assigned to oversee and guide the registrant through the entire process, verifying that all information is correct and helping to navigate problems efficiently should they arise.  Just like businesses that hire an accountant to handle their taxes, a case manager can now be hired to handle CCR registration.

A high quality third party registration firm will assist with the entire process, from getting a DUNS number to filing the ORCA.  Other things to look for include marketing services for contractors and a validation seal to distinguish the vendor’s CCR registration as being complete and accurate.  By working with a competent third party registration firm, vendors can avoid common CCR registration pitfalls and rest easy knowing their registration is error-free.

US Federal Contractor Registration is the official third-party registration firm.  We offer businesses the option to work with a case manager to complete and maintain their CCR registration and ORCA filing for one year, and then market their business to the federal government.  Contact us today at #877-252-2700 to start your registration and receive our “Verified Vendor” seal.



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