CCR Registration – Common Mistakes

CCR registrationEvery vendor needs to complete CCR registration before they can become eligible for Federal contracts, grants or payments.  For a variety of reasons many of the entries in CCR are plagued with errors and, in some cases, are completely unknown to the vendor.  In the best case scenario, mistakes can slow down government processes and payments; in the worst cases, vendors may be penalized, fined or even face imprisonment.

Most errors are likely due to either a lack of preparation or vendors rushing through their registration.  With some patience and foresight, you can avoid these common mistakes.

Careless Typos and Misspellings

You wouldn’t write a business letter full of misspelled words and improper capitalization, so why would your first contact with a Federal buyer contain such easily avoided typographical errors?  Your CCR registration may just be your first impression with a buyer, so it’s important to proofread what you type into the CCR registration form.  Properly entered text looks professional and shows that you are attentive to details.  Check carefully for misspelled words, capitalization mistakes and typos.

Too many or too few NAICS codes

Be sure to thoroughly research the proper NAICS codes for your company.  While there is no “perfect” number, the codes you select should reflect your business’s primary products and/or services offered as accurately and completely as possible.  In many cases, if you look hard enough, you can find more than one NAICS code to describe your business.

Past Performance Contact

Located under the Optional Contacts, you’ll find a place to list a Past Performance POC.  Even though it’s optional, it’s important to fill in this information.  This is the individual with your company buyers may call to discuss your company’s past performance references.  Even if this will be the same person you list under your Government Business POC, list them again as the Past Performance POC.

Geographic Areas Served

This is another “optional” area of your CCR registration that you may have just skipped over.  Don’t.  This section is where you designate in which areas your company can provide services or deliver products.  In the event of a disaster or emergency, this section is used by government entities to identify prospective contractors capable of delivering emergency supplies or services that are needed in that area.  If you don’t complete this section, you are unlikely to be contacted to participate in the relief efforts, even if you are otherwise eligible.

Mismatched Info

Your CCR registration pulls data from three places:  Dun and Bradstreet, the IRS and the information you type into the CCR registration form.  In order to successfully complete registration and avoid problems down the road, the data in these three systems all need to match exactly.  So, if in the IRS you’re listed as “Bob’s Wheelchairs” at “123 N Main St” but in Dun and Bradstreet you’re “Bobs Wheelchairs” at “123 Main St N”, the information does not match.  These mismatches generally result in an IRS Validation error in CCR.  Even if your CCR registration is accepted, mismatched information can still cause significant delays and issues.  It is worth taking the time to verify your data in all three systems to ensure everything matches to prevent problems down the road.

For vendors who don’t have the free time necessary to ensure an accurate, error free registration and want to be certain their CCR registration is entered correctly, working with a third-party registration firm may be an ideal solution.  US Federal Contractor Registration is the official third-party registration firm which pairs vendors with a dedicated case manager who guides them through obtaining a DUNS number, completing their CCR registration and filing their ORCA.  US Federal Contractor Registration even goes beyond CCR registration by offering government marketing services to help vendors find contracts.

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