US Federal Contractor Registration Introduces New “Verified Vendor” Seal

CCR & ORCAIn order to help government buyers identify properly registered vendors, US Federal Contractor Registration has released a new “Verified Vendor” seal to be included in all capabilities statements and newsletters released for customers whose CCR registration and ORCA filing is completed by one of their case managers.


The Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center estimates that “as many as 20 percent of the over 600,000 firms presently registered in CCR have mistakes in their records.”  These mistakes include such errors as misspellings, omitted information or incorrect information and all have the potential of disqualifying a vendor from being awarded a contract.  Many mistakes are the result of a rushed and poorly prepared registration by an inexperienced business owner trying to meet deadlines to bid on contracts or receive payments.


US Federal Contractor Registration helps vendors quickly and accurately complete their CCR registration and ORCA filing through a dedicated case manager.  In addition, US Federal Contractor Registration will maintain the vendor’s CCR and ORCA for one year following the registration, making changes and updating the records as necessary.  After registration is completed, US Federal Contractor Registration includes vendors’ information in a monthly newsletter sent out to government buyers in each SBA region.  Clients who also enroll in US Federal Contractor Registration’s government marketing program will also have a customized capabilities statement drawn up for their company and sent out every month in the areas they specify.


In order to help those newly registered vendors stand out in a highly competitive market, US Federal Contractor Registration will now award a seal to vendors which will identify their error-free registrations.  Upon seeing the “Verified Vendor” seal, buyers can be confident that the vendor’s CCR registration and ORCA filing have been carefully processed and reviewed by a competent, experienced case manager.


Vendors will also be able to add the “Verified Vendor” seal to their own websites and marketing materials.


According to the Small Business Administration, the Federal government only succeeded in awarding 22.7% of their contracts to small businesses in 2010, falling short of the 23% annual goal mandated by Congress.  There are many possible reasons why there are not more qualified small businesses receiving contracts, however one of the most likely is the steep learning curve new vendors need to surmount before they can even begin competing for work.  In order to complete the required registration, business owners must learn and understand a series of Federal Acquisition Regulations governing the contracting process.  While there are classes available to learn how to register, these can take over 20 hours to complete, time that most struggling small businesses don’t have.  US Federal Contractor Registration helps new vendors overcome these obstacles by assigning a case manager to assist them in completing their CCR registration and ORCA filing, in as little as 3 – 5 business days.


The SBA recommends that vendors market themselves “aggressively” when pursuing government contracts.  US Federal Contractor Registration’s new “Verified Vendor” seal is just one more tool for their clients to use to find success in Federal contracting.

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