US Federal Contractor Registration-Government Newsletter

US Federal Contractor RegistrationEvery month, government buyers are sent the US Federal Contractor Registration Newsletter.  The newsletter includes information about government contracting and contains new vendors that are added to the registry by US Federal Contractor Registration.  Each SBA region is sent a different newsletter with relevant vendors and information to that region.  Government buyers through the newsletter are educated on the types of contracts new vendors are interested in bidding on to help facilitate their search for these vendors.  A member of the US Federal Contractor Registration Contractor Relations Department assists the vendor in writing a capabilities statement to be sent to these government buyers.  Businesses are instructed to provide the three types of contracts they are interested in bidding on and the three main reasons a government buyer would contract with their business.  All new registrations with US Federal Contractor Registration are included in the newsletter for their region, helping these businesses pursue and be awarded a contact. Newsletter submissions and other government marketing services provided by US Federal Contractor Registration really help businesses excel once they have completed their CCR Registration.

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