Marketing your Business – Using the DSBS

There is a growing emphasis on awarding contracts and creating subcontracting opportunities for small businesses.  In order for your small business to take advantage of this push, you must make a concerted effort to take advantage of all the tools available to you.  One of the tools we find small businesses overlooking is the SBA’s Dynamic Small Business Search.

If the CCR database is the white pages, the DSBS would be the yellow pages for vendors.  The DSBS has a handful of important advantages over CCR where making your business known to buyers is concerned.  First, it supports a keyword based search.  Small businesses can designate up to 25 keywords to describe their business, allowing procurement officers to use a more specific search method than often vague, broad NAICS codes.  Next, a brief description of your business can be included on your SBA profile.  Again, this allows you break out of the broad grounds covered by NAICS, PSC and FSC codes and explain precisely what your business does and any special equipment or capabilities you bring to the table.  Finally, your listing on the DSBS can also include any previous contracts you’ve worked as references.  As we’ve stressed in the past, government buyers are more likely to be interested in doing business with you if you’ve worked contracts in the past.  If you have, this is your place to flaunt it and give references.

Since a big key to a vendor’s marketing campaign is simply being found by buyers, getting your business on the DSBS should certainly be part of your contracting strategy.  The DSBS is one of the primary tools used by procurement officers to find and research small businesses and it gives you a public place to display your skills and qualifications.

Another great use for the DSBS is as a research tool.  Since it is open to public use, you can also perform searches on the DSBS—to scope out your competition.  Find out who else is out there, what their qualifications are, and then you can tailor your marketing strategy to better compete against them.

One of the first things US Federal Contractor Registration does for their Targeted Marketing clients is prepare a well crafted DSBS listing for their clients and get it published for interested buyers to find.  Contact us for more information on how we can help you market your business to government purchasing officers.

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