FedBizOpps.gov Part Two – Searching for Government Contracts

After completing the FBO.gov registration, it’s time to find contracts on which to bid.

From the “My FBO” page, click on the “Search and Create Saved Searches” link to access advanced search.

Some search options include: Posted date, Place of Performance State/Zip Code, and Documents. Narrow your search to the last three days, the area in which you can perform work, and Active Documents. If you want to look for opportunities set aside for particular socioeconomic groups, select those as search terms as well.

Under “Opportunity/Procurement Type,” you’ll find the following types of information:

  • Pre solicitation: Notice of upcoming, future business opportunities
  • Combined Synopsis/Solicitation: Current business opportunities
  • Sources Sought: Contracting agency seeking possible sources, but not actively offering a solicitation or RFP
  • Modification/Amendment/Cancel: Notice of changes made to a previously posted notice
  • Sale of Surplus Property: Used when government agency is selling surplus property, rarely used
  • Special Notice: Announcement of procurement matters including business fairs, long range estimates, pre-bid or pre-proposal conferences, etc)
  • Foreign Government Standard: Also rarely used, you’ll probably never see this one or find it applies to you
  • Award Notice: Announcement of contract award
  • Justification and Approval: Documentation required to justify and obtain approval to contract without providing for full and open competitition
  • Intent to Bundle Requirements: Only used by DoD, used when there is intent to use contract bundling procedures

You’ll most likely be interested in Presolicitations, Combined Synopsis/Solicitations, Modification/Amendment/Cancel, Award Notices, and/or Special Notices. Select these types of notices, and then scroll down to NAICS codes and select the check box next to your applicable NAICS codes.

Click the Search button (at the bottom of the page).This will bring you to a search results page. If you don’t receive any results, tweak your search criteria and broaden your search.

To save this search, select “Save Search Agent.” On this page, you can name the search, save it, and even set up the search to run on a specific schedule and email you results.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to use FBO.gov.


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