Federal Insider Live Recap: Asteroids and Taxes (4/19/19)

Every week on Federal Insider Live, USFCR Training Coordinator Anna Rose delivers your government briefing for the week. For the most recent sector developments, just watch the YouTube video below and check out the summary:

SpaceX Wins Contract for DART Launch

Does the idea of a massive asteroid hitting Earth keep you up at night? Well, you can rest a little bit easier knowing about the Double Asteroid Redirection Test that will be carried out in 2021. Basically, the test will consist of a probe colliding with an asteroid’s moon in an attempt to alter its trajectory.


This whole operation is just a test and if it does fail, then it’s no harm no foul. To deliver the Dart Kinetic Impactor to its destination, NASA issued out a contract to SpaceX to provide a Falcon 9 for the mission.

A&E Haberdashery

In March 2019, USFCR clients have won a total of 804 federal contracts. One of them was verified vendor A&E Haberdashery. A&E Haberdashery is a veteran-owned buisness that works with Senior Acquisition Specialist Justin Jones and Senior Case Manager/Lead Trainer Melissa Baum. The contract, valued at $13,184.55 is for the Department of Veterans Affairs. A&E Haberdashery provides a wide array of goods from office to medical supplies.

Empire Medical and Dental Supplies

If you ask any expert in government contracting, they will tell you to ALWAYS request a debriefing. This goes for if you win or lose. However, it was actually the request for a debrief that got Empire Medical and Dental Supplies. Initially, they did not win the contract that they were pursuing. Nonetheless, they asked for a debriefing from the contracting officer and they ended up getting the award anyway. Empire Medical and Dental Supplies are serviced by Senior Acquisition Specialist John Lynch and Case Manager Elizabeth Siniairi.

TurboTax & HR Block

Recently, Congress moved to issue a bill that would preeminently exclude the IRS from creating their own free electronic tax filing system. The agreement states that large tax companies will promise to continue to allow free filings for people who make under $66,000 as long as the IRS will not create their own free online filing system. In total, H&R Block and TurboTax lobbied around $6 million.

As a small business, you’re probably not going to have the funds to lobby for a major law like this to be made. However, this instance does illustrate the point that you should really buckle down on your outreach and federal marketing strategy. Something as small as a phone call, especially during the sources sought phase, can greatly influence the eventual contract.

Red Pill Infosec

Finally, we would like to introduce to you one of the newest verified vendors working with us, Red Pill Infosec. They are an IT company who is developing defense strategies, information security initiatives, and intelligence operations. On their website, they state that their “experience also expands to directly managing information security risk strategy initiatives, supporting DoD certification and accreditation efforts, network and enterprise vulnerability assessments, and network and security audits.”

Currently, this company is working with Acquisition Specialist Justin Jones along with Case Managers Christie Jackson and Savannah Stewart. With such interesting services that they can offer to the federal government, we look forward to seeing what contracts they win and what new developments come from it.

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