US Federal Contractor Registration Now Offers Bid Training

US Federal Contractor Registration, the world’s largest third-party government contracting firm, now offers bid training for new and existing clients. Clients can get help on one large and one small bid or on two small bids.

Director of Federal Training John Wayne II, one of the top No-Bid Simplified Acquisition Experts at US Federal Contractor Registration and a skilled federal government marketplace analyst/trainer, holds training sessions each week for clients interested in getting help submitting a contract-winning bid.

Rather than use hypothetical situations that are applicable across the board, John Wayne tailors training to the specific solicitation on which the client wants to bid. They review the notice together, read the synopsis, and discuss the items that must be submitted; determine how to best submit the information; and John Wayne will even help the client complete the necessary paperwork.

“You can miss out on a contract for something as simple as a typo or math error,” said John Wayne. “Procurement officers are looking for reasons for rejecting responses, especially when they receive hundreds of them. What I do is teach someone how to make sure their bid makes it to the top of the procurement officer’s pile.”

John Wayne adds that one client who opted to go it alone lost out on a contract over a 78-cent math error. The contract’s value? North of $1 million.

“To lose a contract worth more than $1 million because of a 78-cent math error is horrible,” said John Wayne. “What we do during bid training is teach our clients how to catch those mistakes and even how to not make them in the first place.”

John Wayne has personally assisted and mentored more than 10,000 small businesses, nonprofits, and federal government agencies, and he uses online contractor resources to show businesses how to navigate the federal marketplace to discover competitors, track down available contracts, and network with procurement officers around the nation.

“John is truly an expert in his field,” said Victoria Pridgen, an Information Systems Security Professional at Convergent Mission Solutions. “He constantly goes above and beyond … [and I know that] my decision to ask him personally for help in contracting was the right choice.”

“John Wayne, like all of the acquisition specialists at US Federal Contractor Registration, takes seriously our commitment to helping our clients thrive,” said company President Eric Knellinger. “Clients who take his bid training classes tend to perform better than clients who don’t.”

John Wayne is available to train at a client’s convenience. Training sessions last one hour, and longer if necessary, and he is there to support clients through the entire bid submission process.

For more information and to talk to John Wayne directly, call him at 727-800-3012 or toll-free at 877-252-2700, ext. 747.

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