Simplified Acquisition Program: Conducting a Federal Marketplace Evaluation


Conducting a Federal Marketplace Evaluation is a key component of the Simplified Acquisition Program and determining if your business is prepared for government contracting .  Even businesses that are new to government contracting that have been use to large scale projects in the private sector can find themselves overwhelmed in the federal sector if they are not prepared for the process. Factors like lack of knowledge, not being properly registered, and failing to conduct government marketing campaigns are some of the main reasons why businesses fail in the federal marketplace.  Without guidance and real direction, businesses can find the federal marketplace to be a very difficult place to find success. However, businesses that conduct Federal Marketplace Evaluations tends to have a better understanding of where to start and create a plan of attack.

Every Federal Marketplace Evaluation involves the use of the Federal Procurement Data System, System for Award Management (SAM), BINCS,, FedBizOpps (FBO), and Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS).  Each of these online websites are are used to help assess a business’s qualifications for government contracting.  Each evaluation is only conducted by a US Federal Contractor Registration Acquisition Specialist.


The key assessments during the Federal Marketplace Evaluation are the following:

* Finding available government contracts

* Look over previously awarded contracts in a specific industry

* Find local and national competition in a specific industry

* Determine spending growth in federal agencies and find industry spending trends

* Find out if a business qualifies for any federal set-asides

* Does a business have the opportunity to become involved in government subcontracting

* What are the national bid board trends on related services

* Is a business considered to be a small business in government contracting

* Does a business have the resources to start contracting with the Federal Government


US Federal Contractor Registration, the world’s largest registration firm has been conducting Federal Marketplace Evaluations with businesses interested in pursuing government contracting since 2010.  Federal Marketplace Evaluations are a necessary process in order to determine the maximum effort a businesses needs to put into their government contracting approach.  Every business involved in government contracting should be marketing in someway to federal procurement officers and agencies.  Strategies like National Capability Statement Campaigns and enrollment into a Simplified Acquisition Program can help businesses successfully win government contracts.  As well as create lasting networking connections and even friendships with procurement officers who write the federal checks.

 These connections can not only lead to normal bidding contracts but also micro-purchase contracts and simplified acquisition contracts. Simplified acquisition contracts are government service contracts between $2,500.00 and $150,000.00 that do not have to be heavily regulated and do not have to be posted to bid boards online. Procurement officer can use their professional digression to award simplified acquisition contract to whomever they deem fit for the solicitation.

The Simplified Acquisition Program is a program designed to help businesses network with procurement officers across the nation, receive monthly email bid notifications, create a government-formatted website, design a government business plan and training for the simplified acquisition environment. These services increase the chance of a businesses winning simplified acquisition contracts. Businesses can call 1(877) 252-2700 Ext 1 to speak with a live Acquisition Specialist about enrollment in the Simplified Acquisition Program.




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