Senator McCaskill States Past Performance Information on Still Riddled With Errors and Typos


GOVERNMENTCONTRACTINGTIPS.COMSince its release in July of 2008, System for Award Management ( has proven to be riddled with errors and issues due to unaware government contractors. Outspoken agencies and federal officials like the Georgia PTAC office and Senator McCaskill express their dilemmas with Georgia Tech PTAC office “estimates that a high percentage of the 600,000 firms presently registered in have errors in their records. The mistakes range from misspelled words to empty data fields, to incomplete entries, to selection of incorrect procurement codes, and other flaws. As a result, these vendors miss-out on government contract opportunities either because they are screened out for not exhibiting attention to detail or because of incomplete information they cannot be identified by government buyers.”


Senator McCaskill stated that since the merger of PPIR and FAPIIS into SAM her staff found that the contractor database, “had very little information, ” contained “self-reported contractor data not verified,” and was “riddled with confusing names and typos, with variations of names, some quite silly,” that make it “impossible for a contract officer to draw conclusions.”  That is why  tens of thousands of businesses have turned to US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) to become properly registered in and start marketing to procurement officers.


Investing in US Federal Contractor Registration’s full service plan prepares a contractor for all that is ahead. The full service includes year long technical support, annual SAM migration updates, added to the USFCR federal buyer newsletter, creation of a FEMA Vendor profile, grant assistance if needed, NAICS code research and the highly-recognized Verified Vendor Seal of Approval. Contractors can call (877) 252-2700 Ext 1 to start the government registration process or go to their Online Registration page. US Federal Contractor Registration complaints are immediately handled and take extremely seriously due to the gravity and importance of federal paperwork compliance.

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