Registered Government Contractors Provide Relief For Colorado Flood Devastation


COLORADO FLOODMeteorologists are calling the Colorado flood a “1000 Year Flood” due to the 0.1 percent chance of it happening over the course of a millennium.   In nearly four days, FEMA has collected $4.3 million in relief funds.  A portion of these funds will be distributed throughout the state of Colorado to help the 10,000 plus people that have applied for FEMA rent, small business grants and home-repair.  The other portion of the funds will be awarded to registered government contractors that will be helping with the rebuilding and relief efforts.  In times of distress, the federal government will hire properly registered government contractors to aid in the relief efforts of natural disasters.


Search and rescue teams are still searching for over 139 people that have been deemed missing since the beginning of the week.  Over 30 highway bridges in the state of Colorado have been destroyed, as well as over a dozen dams.  The National Guard is urging all individuals in the damaged areas to evacuate. Once the necessary evacuations have taken place, the federal government can start rebuilding the affected areas.



The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has dispatched almost 400 workers in Colorado to help survivors register for disaster assistance. To help in these relief efforts of the Colorado flood you must be a federally registered government contractor to accept FEMA contracts and no bid contracts.  US Federal Contractor Registration is urging small business owners that want to be involved with FEMA, to register for federal government contracts. Once registered, businesses can be a part of the no-bid style contracting process. This no bid contracting style is made to speed up the efforts towards the damage done from the Colorado flood. In order for your business to become registered for FEMA contracts and be eligible to pick up no bid contracts, businesses must become registered in the procurement database of System for Award Management (SAM).

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