Rediscovering the American Dream through Small Business


Fact: your small business is what makes this country great. It isn’t the large corporations that make up most of the business in America, it is the small businesses that build the economy through hard work and tireless efforts. According to the United States Small Business Association Office of Advocacy, there are 28 million small businesses in the U.S., which outnumbers corporations 1,162 to 1.


From the time of the European settlers acquiescing new territory to free themselves from the tyranny of the English, Americans having constantly been seeking out new opportunities in our free nation. Those are the beliefs that created the groundwork to this great nation we live in today. The American Dream can only stay alive in the hearts of business owners who persevere through the tough times but find a way to rise from the ashes. It is the American Dream that fueled our grandparents and their grandparents before them to create a living for themselves that they could be passionate about and generate revenue.  Developing a business is not easy, but thanks to our forefathers an American owned business can be created in just six short days. In the United Kingdom it takes 13 days to create a business. In India it takes 30 days, and in China it takes 38 days. This truly shows that the American small business model is a reachable venture. The Inuit Small Business Study showed that it costs 6 times as much to start a business in India than in the United States.


Seeking out more opportunities for your small business is the American way. The U.S. Small Business Association has recored that small businesses pay 44% of the United Stated payroll. US Federal Contractor Registration continues to help perpetuate the American Dream of small businesses around the nation by helping them receive federal government contracts. According to Government Contracting, the US Government is the worlds largest consumer spending billions of dollars with small and large businesses. A great way to help your company profit and achieve the American Dream would be by biding to receive Federal Government contracts. Every business in this great nation must be registered in System for Awards Management (SAM) in order to receive federal government contracts.  If interested in learning how to become registered go to or call (877) 252-2700 ext. 1 for immediate assistance.


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