Understanding No Bid Contracting


In recovery after the massive damage done to New York City, the Jersey Shore, and other parts of the northeast, federal contractors are on the lookout for businesses registered and available for federal government work.  The beauty of no bid contracts with the federal government acts on an honor code of first come first service. Hypothetically, the contract style reinforces how any business registered for federal government employment can show up being the first to a site and receive the contract.  Government agencies such as FEMA usually use this type of contracting for emergency projects that require urgent or immediate assistance such as Hurricane Sandy or other natural disasters.


According to California State University, No Bid Contracting is a “contract which is given out on the basis of the contracting party’s beliefs that this is the best contractor, best price, highest quality work to be had, or because there is a networking connection between the contracting party and the contractor.”  In order for your business to become registered for federal employment and be eligible to pick up no bid contracts with FEMA, you must register for a DUNS number (Dun and Bradstreet) and register under SAM (System for Awards Management).  Vendors must complete a FEMA Vendor Profile in addition to SAM registration. All vendors are also strongly encouraged by the Small Business Administration to implement an aggressive marketing campaign in addition to the basic registration requirements.

To help businesses quickly prepare for FEMA contracts, US Federal Contractor Registration now helps their clients complete the FEMA Vendor Profile, in addition to assisting them with their SAM registration.


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