FEMA Contracts: Tropical Storm Sandy turns into Hurricane

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING TIPSAccording to the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami, the churning of warm Caribbean waters changed the once Tropical Storm Sandy into Hurricane Sandy.  The storm is reported to be heading for the Island of Posh in Jamaica.  Hurricane Sandy is said to product close to 10 inches of rain fall over the eastern and central regions of the island as well as constant flash flooding and landslides to follow.

The water levels off the coast of the Jamaican island are expected to rise to as much as 3 feet above the originally recorded tide level along the east and south coasts.  Jamaica’s government contacted all the school districts announcing the seriousness of Hurricane Sandy and its eventual arrival to the island.  Prime Minister Peter Phillips states “all Jamaicans must take the threat of this storm seriously.” Since the statement, the Prime Minister has closed all the Schools for Wednesday and urged that all citizens should be properly stocked with provisions and supplies for the natural disaster.

Hurricane Sandy’s full winds are expected to reach an upward of 60 mph and gain as the hurricane reaches eastern Cuba by early morning Thursday.  Hurricane Sandy is expected to be far enough off the coast of Florida by Friday to result in an impact on the mainland of the United States.  However, Accuweather.com has reported that the storm has potential to follow up the jet stream path toward the east coast for this upcoming weekend on Saturday or Sunday if the storm receives a strong push of cold air and sporadic showers.  Current reports are still following Hurricane Sandy’s path and will continue to produce updates on its current whereabouts in the Atlantic Ocean.


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