SAM – Still Experiencing a lot of Downtime

System for Award Management ProblemsJust a heads up – the System for Award Management still appears to be experiencing stability issues and users are frequently experiencing issues accessing pages or utilizing functionality.

If the site is not coming up or you’re receiving a Proxy error – try waiting 20-30 minutes and refresh the page.

Remember that you have resources for help if you run into problems.  These include:

1.  The Contractor Helpline at (877) 252-2700 ext 1.  This will probably be the easiest way to speak to a live person.  While they are not a government agency or otherwise affiliated with SAM, their Placement Specialists work with these procurement systems every day and can help you with SAM related inquiries or problems.

2.  Federal Service Desk at (866) 606-8220.  If you call the FSD, expect a long hold time.  They are swamped with calls right now.  It may be better to ask your question through their ticketing system here:  You can also look through their Answer Center for previously answered questions at

3.  The SAM User Guide at  There is a lot of detailed information in the guide; while it is long, many common questions about how SAM is supposed to work and how to use the site can be found in this PDF.


What issues have you experienced with SAM so far?  Any tips or hints you can share with our community?  Sound off in the comments!

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