US Federal Contractor Registration Guides RKS’ Situational Awareness LLC Through CCR and ORCA Registration

US Federal Contractor Registration Helps VendorRandy Sayles of RKS’ Situational Awareness LLC lauds US Federal Contractor Registration’s “expertise, guidance and patience” after assisting him in completing his company’s CCR registration and ORCA filing.

Retired since 2003, Mr. Sayles recently decided to start a business giving presentations on intelligence and law enforcement, drawing on his own experience during the 1979 attack on the American Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.  After unsuccessfully attempting registration on his own online, he turned to US Federal Contractor Registration for help.

US Federal Contractor Registration has helped thousands of businesses complete their CCR registration and ORCA filing so they can be eligible for government contracts or receive Federal grants and other payments.  Many inexperienced business owners encounter trouble completing the required registration, either incorrectly completing the registration or giving up before they finish.

Johnathan, a placement specialist with US Federal Contractor Registration, explained the registration process and how US Federal Contractor Registration could assist with that process.  He also took the time to explain to Mr. Sayles how to submit completed forms and required information using his computer and email.

When vendors entrust their registration to US Federal Contractor Registration, they are assigned a dedicated case manager to walk them through every stage of their registration, including obtaining a DUNS number, completing CCR registration, submitting their ORCA filing, resolving any issues encountered along the way, marketing their business to Federal buyers and maintaining their registration for a full year.

This experience and patience impressed Mr. Sayles as his case manager Teresa guided him through the registration process.  She helped him complete the necessary forms and make decisions he never anticipated needing to consider prior to working with US Federal Contractor Registration.  At one point Mr. Sayles recalls challenging her guidance.  Teresa took the time to research and present to Mr. Sayles the purpose of the registration process and information required, ensuring he fully understood why the information requested was necessary.

While it is possible for a business owner to complete registration on their own and there are training courses available to learn how to correctly complete registration, it can take weeks to complete the 20+ hour training program.  For many business owners, taking this type of time away from operating their company is simply not an option.  US Federal Contractor Registration’s case managers make it possible for these companies to complete their registration in as little as 3 – 5 business days by answering some very simple questions about their business.

Teresa helped Mr. Sayles complete his company’s registration in two days, walking him through the process and ensuring all information was accurate and complete.  After his registration was completed, Mr. Sayles expressed his gratitude, stating, “In short, I could not have completed the Registration process accurately and timely without the exceptionally, outstanding professional expertise, guidance and patience of [Jonathon and Teresa]”.

US Federal Contractor Registration is a third party company offering businesses the option to work with a case manager to complete and maintain their CCR registration and ORCA filing for one year, and then market their business to the federal government.  Contact us today at or #877-252-2700 to start your registration.

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